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依我所见 英文短语回答:As far as I know,.. As far as I see, In my opinion, It is clear for me that. In my view. They all

依我所见 的英语翻译In my opinion 依我所见 、As I can seein my mind 三个都行

【英语翻译依我所见,他会输掉这场比赛的】As I think/In my opinion /in my point of view ,he will lose(或者是用fail in)

依我之见的英文怎么说in my opinion或者in my point of view书面 i think或者for me口头 英语国家人用的最多的是for me

“依我之见”用英语有哪些说法?In my opinionas I see itas far as I'm concernedthe way I see itto my mindto my way of thinkingas it appears to

据我所知,依我所见的翻译是:什么意思据我所知,依我所见的英语短语有:As I see it The way I see it As far as I can see In my opinion/view 例句:In my

依我之见的翻译有哪些,以为英文如 短语 In my opinion, according to my knowledge 等。句子 As far as I know, as what I know 等 以上仅供参考!

英语翻译依我所见,做适量作业才有助于学生知识的巩固In my view, some homework will help students to memorize what they have learnt, but

2.依我所见,她无法再容忍其不忠的丈夫了.(asfarasI1She eventually managed to get the small store free of charge.2As far as I see, | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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