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英语作文《我对学习英语的看法》60字在我看来,英语是一门重要的学科,掌握英语非常重要,我相信“一门外语,就是我们生活中的一个强有力的武器!”in order to ma

我有一个棒的想法,英语作文my dream seems to be better and more realistic. I hope I can have a good job. It will not take much of my time,

当员工一些人想当经理的想法以及我的想法 英语作文Because I think that, as a real person, you should have many noble moral character and good attitude. The world we live


我对学英语学习的看法 英文作文100字First, learn English when they have to learn the whole sentence, not specifically to

成功作文之我对成功的看法英语作文我对成功的看法英语作文:We are always trying to find the way to success, which stands for power, pride and glory. There

对学习英语的一些看法-求大侠帮忙替小弟写写.As a student, English is very important, it is a useful language. No matter when,

英语作文我对朋友的看法如翻译I think friendship is one of the most important parts in my life.There are some of my opinions.Firstly,when we are in

求一份 我对xx(某个行为或现象)的看法 的英语作文模板我对校园暴力的看法 Many of us suffer form bully of school-bullies nowadays,you weak it will strong.School is not only a

一篇英语作文谈谈自己的想法:为什么许多年轻人是"粉丝Fans is no longer a strange word for us because there are many of them around us.

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